Our mission

Our mission is to fulfill our life’s calling to bridge the nations by empowering leaders in 4 main themes:

  • Original Design, Hearing God’s Voice, Freedom Prayer

  • Biblical Financial Education

  • Soul Care for Christian Leaders and Missionaries

  • Micro-business startups

Our vision

To empower Christian leaders, pastors, businesses, and all believers to recognize their authority and calling in advancing God’s kingdom through their influence within their community, nation, and internationally.

Get to know us

Welcome to our "About Us" webpage! We are Lisa and Ian Ang, a husband and wife team who met in Argentina and answered a shared calling from God to empower Christians and bridge nations worldwide.

Meet Ian, a seasoned professional with over two decades of experience in developing mission programs in over 30 countries. Drawing from his wealth of expertise, we established a ministry in 2008 aimed at equipping churches with the necessary tools for mission trips and business startups.

In our journey, we quickly realized that sustainable funding for Christian leaders and their ministries was crucial. To address this need, we helped form five international companies exclusively designed to support Christian leaders. These startups provide a unique approach that enables financial support and fosters ministry growth without relying solely on external funding. Our mission is to empower Christian leaders to effect change in their communities without financial limitations.

Besides being a licensed financial coach in the USA, Ian is passionate about educating people on the importance of financial planning, budgeting, investment, and debt management. His ultimate goal is to help individuals achieve financial freedom and peace of mind.

Lisa is passionate about empowering believers. For the past 6 years, she has been providing churches, leaders, and individuals support and counsel on their spiritual journey. She teaches through a partner ministry on Living Set Free, Hearing God's Voice, and Freedom prayer training.

This has enabled her to create tailored programs that meet the unique needs of individuals. Her approach is based on the belief that everyone has a unique calling and purpose in life. Therefore, she takes time to understand each person's journey and provides them with the tools and strategies needed to live their best life. Lisa is an amazing person who is dedicated to helping others live their true identity as sons and daughters of the Most High.

Thank you for visiting our webpage. We are excited to continue empowering Christians, bridging nations, and equipping leaders to make a lasting impact for the Kingdom of God.